Nusa Penida


Port to Port             Sanur -Matahari Terbit to Nusa Penida – 45 minutes

Jetty                        Sanur  – Beach

                                Nusa Penida – Jetty

Size                         19km Long – 12km Wide

Getting Around     Car/Driver, Motorbike           

Roads                      Asphalt Roads and Tracks

Nusa Penida


In contrast to the Gili Islands, Nusa Penida is a large island and is still in development and tourist infrastructure is very limited here but growing fast. You cannot expect to find the western luxuries of accommodation, food, and essentials that you are easily able to get hold of in the Gili Islands. Visitors should therefore expect higher prices than in Bali, and not bank on any tourism-related luxury items being available for purchase here.

To offset the lack of development Nusa Penida offers breath-taking scenery and natural attractions which is making it increasingly popular and one of Indonesia’s most “Instagramable” locations for photo taking and selfies. The recent development of infrastructure and in particular roads have made it easier to traverse the various natural attractions however not all of these can be visited in just one day, therefore, we would recommend in order to take full advantage of your visit that you stay at least one night.

Nusa Penida is very mountainous and has amazing views. If you are only visiting for a day then you should decide between the West, East, and South of the Island. A combination of two is possible in one day however all three might be difficult!

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Broken Beach

Angels Billabong

Kelinking Beach

Crystal Bay – Snorkelling 


Goa Giri Putri Temple

Raja Lima (thousand Island Viewpoint)


Atuh Beach 

Suwehan Beach


Tembeling Natural pool & forest

Banah Cliff Point

Peguyangan Waterfall