Terms and Conditions


The Bali Fast boats acts as an intermediary online booking agent between our online customers and the fast boat company or another service provider hereafter referred to as the “service provider”

The Bali Fastboats has carefully contracted a selection of fast boat companies as preferred service providers due to their ethical practices, reliability and safety.

The Bali Fastboats does not take direct payment from our online customers and online customers pay directly to the service provider at the port of departure

The Bali Fastboats accepts no liability and is not responsible for, or liable for any misrepresentations, breaches of contract, breaches of statutory duty or negligence of any of the service providers whose products and services are promoted through our website at www.thebalifastboats.com

By continuing with the booking through this website you accept that you will be indirectly entering into a contract with the service provider and therefore any future claims, complaints, amendments, or cancellations should be made directly to your chosen service provider. 

The service provider has entered into a contract with The Bali Fastboats to ensure that our online customers are handled within our policies and guidelines.

The Bali Fastboats will be on hand should there be need for any mediation between the service provider and the online customer in order to resolve any disputes that might arise.